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Order Your Liberty Lantern™ Today!

Liberty Lantern™ Features:

Oh no, another storm is coming and it could be days before the power comes back on!

That's why you need the all new Solar Powered Liberty Lantern. It's the antique style lantern featuring ultra bright LED technology. Flashlights always need new batteries, are uncomfortable to hold, and hard to direct the light where you need it, but the Solar Powered Liberty Lanterns 16 ultra bright LED bulbs radiate light throughout the whole room for up to 120,000 hours.

It automatically recharges itself in indoor or outdoor light.

That's not all, you can also recharge your cell phone or other devices with a built-in USB Charging Port, making the Liberty Lantern a solar powered device charger. Now, you'll always be ready for emergencies, and never be stuck in the dark for hours with nothing to do or no way to contact your friends or family, no matter how long the power stays out. It's not just for emergencies, the built-in dimmer adjusts from an ultra bright light to a gentle flickering candle light glow.

Liberty Lantern™ has a built in solar panel!

This makes the liberty Lantern perfect for everything from candlelight dinners to outdoor patio parties or BBQs!

It's perfect for lighting up the camp site, and great for evening strolls. Light up the stairway, or wherever you need to have an extra light or phone charger handy. Liberty lantern is cool to the touch and is water resistant, and makes a great decorative piece. Other LED lanterns need batteries, costing you money. Only the incredible liberty Lantern recharges in four different ways-- solar power, a built-in hand crank, or a USB charging port from a computer or wall adapter. So, it's always ready anytime.

Today when you order, you'll get the Solar Powered Liberty Lantern featuring the built-in dimmer, candle light function, back up hand crank, plus 2 USB ports for recharging your cell phone or tablet for only $19.95, plus processing and handling. But wait, for a limited time, we'll double your order! That's right, you'll get two Liberty Lanterns for the price of one, and we're not done yet. As a special bonus, you'll get the pocket-sized collapsable lantern for when you need a light on the go. It's a lantern and flashlight in one. Keep one in the car, it has an emergency beam. Super bright LED bulbs make it perfect for the tackle box or anywhere you need an extra light or flashlight. A $20 value, free.

This incredible deal won't last long, so order now!